Princeton Day School

Mercer County, NJ

Princeton Day School's athletics facilities are designed to support the holistic development and success of student-athletes. The modern Athletic Center and Field House offer indoor spaces for basketball, volleyball, indoor track, and field events, ensuring year-round training opportunities. Expansive outdoor fields cater to soccer, field hockey, lacrosse, baseball, and softball, while top-notch tennis courts provide a space for skill refinement and competition. A well-equipped fitness center and Aquatics Center round out the offerings, providing resources for strength training, cardiovascular workouts, and swimming. These facilities reflect the school's commitment to fostering athleticism, camaraderie, and personal growth among its students.

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Princeton Day School Camp Information


  • Extensive Sports Fields
  • Large Athletic Center
  • Tennis Courts

Camp Hours

Half Day:  8:30 AM-11:30 PM


There will be no lunch offered at this location this summer.


There will be no Swim offered at this location this summer.

Venue Address and Sign-In Info

Princeton Day School
650 Great Road
Princeton,  NJ 08540


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/Out Policy
Please accompany your child to the Camp Director at the sign-in area daily. All children must be signed in/out each day by their parent/guardian. The Camp Director cannot allow your child to leave camp unless you are present. If your child is allowed to travel home by his/herself or leave with somebody else, we require a signed letter of consent.



Generic FAQs

Does my child need to bring equipment?

All equipment will be provided.
Field Hockey
Participants need to provide their own stick, goggles, mouth guard & shin guards.
All golf programs require participants to provide their own set of clubs. They also need to follow the dress code, otherwise, they will be asked to leave. Dress code can be found here. Once you are redirected to the club guest page, scroll down and click the "DRESS CODE" header to see full details.
Multi Sports
All equipment will be provided.
All players attending soccer camps need to wear shin guards and cleats/soccer sneakers.
All tennis programs require participants to provide their own racquet.
Participants need to provide their own knee pads, appropriate sneakers and other protective equipment.

What else should my child bring to camp?

All campers are required to arrive in sports appropriate clothing and footwear, sun protection (i.e. sunscreen and hat), snacks, and plenty of water/fluids to last the day.

Please pack a bathing suit and towel for swim. Feel free to include a second bathing suit if attending a full-day program at either the Pingry School or Essex County Country Club where players swim twice.

Medication/Epi-pen, if required.

Will there be a nurse on site?

All coaches are First Aid and CPR Certified.

Some of our locations have a qualified Athletic Trainer onsite.

Does my child need specialist sport experience to attend?

No. Our camps are open to children of all sporting backgrounds and campers will be placed into age and ability appropriate groups. We request all children have an interest and desire to learn the sport they are registered for.

Can I register for more than one week?

Yes! Our multi-week curriculum is purposely designed to offer progressive, developmental programming over multiple weeks.

Are there a minimum number of weeks I need to register for?

1 week.

My child is an advanced player. Are your camps for them?

Yes! Our curricula are directed towards all skills levels. Our advanced programs are tailored towards serious high level athletes. Our coaches are trained to adapt to all ability levels.

What happens if it rains?

All facilities have indoor options in case of rain. If no indoor gymnasium is available, the class will be moved into a room and theory work will be presented to them. If for any reason an indoor option is unavailable and camp is canceled, parents will be notified as early as possible and compensation will be given for the missed day.

What happens if it's extremely hot outside?

All of our Pulse facilities include indoor space (most have air conditioned facilities). In the event of very hot days, we will make arrangements to use the indoor facilities, and if a pool is available we will increase swim time.

We take all precautions to protect athletes from the sun. Children are advised to wear hats and bring sunscreen - which coaches will remind participants to apply frequently throughout the day. Water breaks are essential and will occur throughout the day frequently to avoid dehydration and heat stroke.

Can the coach apply sunscreen to my child?

Coaches are not permitted to apply sunscreen onto the athletes. However, they will constantly remind players to reapply sunscreen. Please ensure your child is supplied with an adequate amount of sun protection. Spray cans are advised.

What can I expect from the lunch program?

For Pulse programs that include lunch and snacks daily, lunch consists of an assortment of sandwiches, a salad bar and hot food options in a private school, country club or university cafeteria setting. Dietary requirements can be accommodated.

Will there be a lifeguard on duty during swim periods?

Absolutely! All pool sessions will be guarded by qualified staff provided by the facility. Our staff will be on hand to supervise and monitor safety.

Can I request for my child to be in the same group as a friend?

Yes. Friend requests can be submitted and accommodated where possible. However, the coach will have the final say. Coaches will have to look after the rest of the group and ensure that all kids are learning in the most appropriate setting.

How are players grouped?

Players are grouped by ability level/experience, age and where necessary gender.

What is the coach to player ratio?

Ratios differ across each sport and are dependent on the age group, but typically 1:10.

Can I bring my child early or pick him/her up after camp ends?

Pulse Camps offer free before and aftercare when applicable. It depends on the location, but typically it runs from:

Before Care:  8:40 AM - 9:00 AM

If you wish to collect your child early, you must give the coach or our customer service team a call to update them. If someone else is picking your child up early, we will require you to provide us with their full name and address. Our coaches will ask for identification and check that this information matches the person on arrival before the child will be allowed to leave.

Do you provide transportation to camp?

No. The parent or guardian is expected to drop off/pick up the child to and from camp.

Am I allowed to tip the coach?

Yes of course! If your child had a great time at a Pulse Camp, then feel free to tip or thank your coach personally.