Pulse Premier Basketball Camps

Ages 5-14

Pulse Premier Basketball Camps, for both boys and girls, offer unprecedented multi-level training programs for children and teens of all performance levels with a keen interest in basketball.

Led by our team of highly-qualified professional coaches, participants will excel in this action-packed program hosted in state of the art facilities.

Players will have the chance to develop their technical skills during morning sessions, followed by tactical sessions and game play in the afternoon. It is certainly an exciting week of camp that no one should miss!

Program Highlights

    •   Outstanding facilities
    •   Specialty equipment
    •   Low coach to player ratio
    •   Players grouped by age and ability
    •   Multiple weeks available
    •   Continuous feedback throughout the week
    •   Medals and official Nike t-shirt provided

Curriculum Highlights

All Basketball Camps include the following sessions:
    •   Shooting clinics
    •   Ball handling skills
    •   Tactical and technical strategy
    •   Position Play clinic
    •   Rebounding
    •   Transition play
    •   Defensive strategy and skills workshop
    •   Confidence, passion and leadership
    •   Teamwork and sportsmanship
    •   Fitness and conditioning component

Camp Description

Pulse Premier Basketball Camps offer training opportunities for all players aiming to learn and further develop core skills as well as techniques and tactics necessary to compete to their highest standard.

Pulse Camps are engineered to meet specific needs of every athlete through a low coach to player ratio and multi-level program curricula. All camps are further split by age, ability and gender.

For a novice athlete who has an interest in basketball, this program will focus on key fundamental skills necessary for building a solid foundation and becoming a well-rounded player. This includes: dribbling, passing, shooting, team play, attacking and defending.

Advanced training methods for participants with previous experience include one-on-one drills relative to specific positions and plays. Additional tactical and technical strategies will be introduced and applied to game related scenarios to develop current levels of play.

Individual coach to player mentoring provides key opportunities for players to further develop skills and knowledge relevant to their on-court position.

Why Pulse

    •   Owned and operated by a team of seasoned professional sports coaches
    •   Over 25 years experience leading high-quality sports training
    •   Qualified, professional educators conducting all sessions (never high school students)
    •   Curricula developed by professional sports coaches
    •   Players grouped by age and ability
    •   All programs hosted at state of the art facilities
    •   Low coach to player ratio