Pulse Premier Multi Sports Camps

Ages 5-14

Pulse Premier Multi Sports Camps offer both boys and girls the chance to engage in a range of exciting sports from around the world!

Designed to inspire a passion in sports through a range of engaging sessions, players will develop their athletic abilities by participating in an action-packed schedule featuring different sports each day. These sports could include: Basketball, Lacrosse, Soccer, Volleyball, Cricket and more.

This signature multi-level curriculum taught by professional coaches and combined with a low coach to player ratio provides the ideal setting for children to try and learn new sports in a fun, encouraging environment.

Program Highlights

    •   High exposure to various different sports
    •   Outstanding facilities
    •   Specialty equipment
    •   Low coach to player ratio
    •   Players grouped by age and ability
    •   Multiple weeks available
    •   Medals and official Nike t-shirt provided
    •   Pulse World Cup Tournament

Curriculum Highlights

All Multi-Sports Camps include the following sessions:

    •   Curricula for all ability levels
    •   Core fundamentals
    •   Motor skills development
    •   Sports to increase upper and lower body coordination
    •   Skills sessions
    •   Progressive learning
    •   Small-sided game play
    •   Teamwork and sportsmanship
    •   World Cup Tournament


Pulse Multi-Sports programs include a variety of different sports from around the world:
    •   Basketball
    •   Baseball
    •   Cricket
    •   Disc Golf
    •   Flag Football
    •   Hockey
    •   Handball
    •   Lacrosse
    •   Touch Rugby
    •   Soccer
    •   Tennis
    •   Ultimate Frisbee
    •   Volleyball
    •   And more!

Camp Description

Pulse Premier Multi-Sports is the latest addition to the Pulse Camps family.

Pulse Multi-Sports Camps are specifically designed to create successful opportunities through sport for children of all age levels.

Participants are encouraged to try new sports each day and further develop their current skill level through engaging activities. Pulse Camps are engineered to meet the specific needs of every athlete through a low coach to player ratio and multi-level program curricula. All camps are further split by age, ability and gender.

Each session consists of a variety of fun-filled programs to promote participation and team play in a developmental setting. Players will then have the opportunity to apply newly learned skills into game situations to further advance their understanding of each sport.

A low coach to player ratio ensures all players will receive individual feedback to increase development in sport. Coaches also place a great emphasis in fostering personal growth in children through sport.

Why Pulse

    •   Owned and operated by a team of seasoned professional sports coaches
    •   Over 25 years experience leading high-quality sports training
    •   Qualified, professional educators conducting all sessions (never high school students)
    •   Curricula developed by professional sports coaches
    •   Players grouped by age and ability
    •   All programs hosted at state of the art facilities
    •   Low coach to player ratio