Pulse Premier Lacrosse Camps

Ages 5-14

Experience the excitement of the United States' fastest growing sport at Pulse Premier Lacrosse Camps.

Pulse's signature curriculum features the most up to date techniques in lacrosse education that focus on both technical and tactical strategy.

Low coach to player ratios ensures lacrosse enthusiasts of all skill levels experience an unparalleled professional environment that encourages athletes to thrive and reach the pinnacle of their game.

Designed by our team of highly-qualified coaches and delivered at superior facilities, Pulse lacrosse programs are unrivaled in their ability to foster growth and success in young athletes.


Program Highlights

    •   Daily swim included
    •   Daily lunch menu catered
    •   High profile professional coaches
    •   Outstanding facilities (including indoor)
    •   Low coach to player ratio
    •   Players grouped by age, gender and ability
    •   Multiple weeks available
    •   Extended day options
    •   Continuous feedback throughout the week
    •   Trophies, medals and official Nike t-shirt provided

Curriculum Highlights

All Lacrosse Camps include the following sessions:
    •   Grip, cradling and catching techniques
    •   Defensive strategy
    •   Stance and field positioning
    •   Position Play clinics
    •   Shooting clinics
    •   Ground ball/scoop workshops
    •   Draw and face off clinics
    •   Confidence, passion and leadership
    •   Teamwork and sportsmanship
    •   Fitness and conditioning component
    •   Pulse All-Star Tournament

*Select locations only

Sample Schedule

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Camp Description

Pulse Premier Lacrosse Camps offer training opportunities to all players aiming to learn and further develop core skills as well as techniques and tactics necessary to compete to their highest level.

Pulse Camps are engineered to meet the specific needs of every athlete through a low coach to player ratio and multi-level curricula. All lacrosse camps are further split by age, ability and gender.

Players new to the sport will learn the basics of lacrosse and improve key skills vital to competing at a national level. Such skills include: catching, checking, cradling, passing, shooting, dodging and defensive tactics.

Experienced lacrosse players will be exposed to an array of technical and tactical sessions that will transfer into game situations.

Individual coach to player mentoring provides key opportunities for players to further develop skills and knowledge relevant to their on-field position. The use of video playback analysis gives visual cues that help further athletes' understanding of essential technical and tactical focus points. Players will also receive a comprehensive evaluation.

Why Pulse

    •   Owned and operated by a team of seasoned professional sports coaches
    •   Over 25 years experience leading high-quality sports training
    •   Qualified, professional educators conducting all sessions (never high school students)
    •   Curriculums developed by professional sports coaches
    •   Players grouped by age, gender and ability
    •   All programs hosted at state of the art facilities
    •   Low coach to player ratio
    •   Daily swim included
    •   Lunch program provided
    •   Flexible programming (Multiple-week options and Extended Day Care)